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Congrats on having your initial interview with Elyana Violet produces and connects next gen activist talent to impactful entertainment industry projects. We operate worldwide with some of the top players in the entertainment industry, offering talent from all walks of life opportunities in the entertainment & fashion industries. All projects (including; feature film, tv series, fashion campaigns, music videos & more) promote charitable causes; the climate crisis, racial injustice & animal abuse. We alongside our connections are creating a paradigm shift, making activism hot & fun “we are the next gen activists!” (see our most recent event ‘Fashion4Freedom’). 

The talent evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

  • Attitude: work ethic, mindset & confidence, can you take direction?
  • Looks: height, body type & age range
  • Consistency: checking in, updating us on progress, some cases reshooting
  • Passion: hunger to succeed and a drive to get you there 
  • Charity: giving back, caring and wanting to make a difference in the world

Ultimately keep in mind BFly is a lifestyle platform that allows you to be a part of our community. It’s more than being just a talent or a pretty face, we let you partner in smart and fun choices for your brand that can be quite rewarding with publicity, financials, and social media success.. and most importantly being a part of the solutions to some of the most serious challenges our planet is facing now through the projects we cast and networks we work with.


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